About the YLN


The Yavapai Library Network is a consortium that provides a multitude of services to its member libraries and their patrons. 

Services include:

  • Transit of items to and from member libraries across the county.
  • A shared catalog that all member libraries and patrons can use to access over a million items, even in the smallest and most remote libraries.
  • Professional support and training for library staff in K-12 schools, academic libraries and public libraries.
  • Funding support for member libraries.
  • Shared cost of materials like library cards and other industry-specific supplies.
  • Purchasing assistance for member libraries.
  • Marketing support for member libraries.


The Yavapai Library Network was first established in 1985 as a partnership between the Yavapai College Library and the Prescott Public Library.  Since then, the Yavapai Library Network has expanded to over 50 multitype libraries, including K-12, academic, public, private, and special libraries.  The YLN is also home to eight special collections.


The Yavapai Library Network leverages the power of interlibrary relationships and cooperation to provide unprecedented service and savings to the library patrons and taxpayers of Yavapai County.  

A 2021 study detailed the effectiveness of the YLN.  BERK and Associates of Seattle, WA, concluded that for every $1 of taxpayer funds, YLN libraries provide $6.43 in services.  

See the study here:


What is the Yavapai Library Network?

The Yavapai Library Network (YLN) is a partnership of 59 public, academic, K-12, and special libraries throughout Yavapai County, Arizona. The YLN makes it possible for libraries to share an integrated library system (specialized software for library functions), materials (both print & digital), and resources, giving patrons in even remote areas access to over 1 million items.

By sharing resources, such as courier services and an Internet-based catalog, the member libraries are able to save money for the taxpayers and their governing authorities. A 2021 study detailed the cost-effectiveness of the YLN. BERK and Associates of Seattle, WA, concluded that for every $1 of taxpayer funds, the YLN provides its participants $6.43 in services.

What is the difference between the Yavapai County Free Library District and the Yavapai Library Network?

The Yavapai County Free Library District (YCFLD) provides full support services to fifteen branch libraries, mostly in unincorporated communities of the County. A Special District created by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, the YCFLD was established in 1987. The Library District also partially funds individual municipal libraries and funds the Yavapai Library Network (YLN). The YLN also funds services through their reserve account. The YLN is a consortium of libraries throughout Yavapai County that have all agreed to work together to provide superior service to their constituents. The fifteen branch libraries of the YCFLD are all participants of the YLN.

How are books, DVDs, audiobooks, and other materials shared between the libraries?

The Yavapai County Free Library District (YCFLD) runs a courier service for most of the member libraries of the Yavapai Library Network (YLN). When a patron or staff member places a hold on an item in the catalog, a library that owns the item retrieves the item from the shelves, and prepares it for delivery. Items in transit are then sent to a central sorting facility where items are sorted into outgoing totes to be delivered to the libraries. When a library receives a tote, all of the items are taken out and checked in to the system. Items that were requested by patrons get flagged at that point, a notice is sent to the patron, and the items are routed to the holds shelves.

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